Jesse Ewert Tree Service & "Dirt Work"

I don't give estimates, I give prices.

I started my tree service full time in the year 2000 in what I consider my hometown, Zimmerman Minnesota. I have worked with trees and done dirt work since I was young and thought it was time to give it a go as a way to make a living.


  • Complete tree take downs
  • Wood removal
  • Brush chipping & removal
  • Lot clearing
  • Misc. "Dirt Work"
We offer everything from complete tree take downs with cleanup, wood disappearance, stump grinding and black dirt work to simply getting it on the ground. We often work over houses and garages as well as other obstacles. We are also fully insured.

Area's we try to stay in:

Zimmerman, Princeton, Elk River, Big Lake, St. Francis and Orrock. I have occassionaly gone out of the area to help a customer's family or friend though.

"Jesse Ewert" Tree Service ?

Why use my full name in my business name ?   I thought it showed I wasn't afraid of letting people know who I am, not a business that could just restart under a different name. My name means something to me and I hope you will give me a chance to make it mean something to you . One of my favorite sayings is " I don't give estimates, I give prices." There are no suprises with us, what we agree upon ahead of time is exactly what you get.


I seem to be one of the only tree service or dirt work guys that works almost exclusively in the local area. I don't run to the "cities" to make the "big bucks". I enjoy working close to home and seeing my customers at the local hardware store & such. And believe me, I aim to keep them smiling back at me.